Alum and us

OSMA Manufacturing

The new name of a historic craftsman

We have been processing alum stone and its derivatives for over 50 years: Osma Manufacturing is the only French manufacturer of natural alum stone. We are a master alum maker.

Now located in Haute-Savoie, a brand new workshop allows us to respond to all the requests of our customers, in a setting that respects its environment and its people.

There, we shape natural alum in an artisanal way, as in the early days, by hand. The alum stone is transformed (purification, crystallization, cutting, polishing) and reaches a level of purity close to 100%.

The alum stone

A natural ingredient with many virtues

Alum stone is a natural stone, similar to crystal, translucent and odorless. It has been mined since ancient times in alunite deposits, first in Syria and today around the world.

Alum has always been used for its hemostatic, antibacterial and soothing properties: it prepares the skin for shaving, soothes it after razor burn, prevents bleeding, but also treats acne-prone skin.

But its most common use is as a natural, fragrance-free antiperspirant. The alum stone, slightly moistened, becomes an easy-to-use and effective deodorant.

Finally, alum powder is an essential raw material in cosmetics. Its properties make it the basic ingredient in a multitude of products such as talcs, creams, lotions, etc.